serkah2017-08-14 22:08:01
serkah, 2017-08-14 22:08:01

After installing elementary os, there is no OS in the boot selection, what should I do?

Installed elementary os - after a reboot, there is no point from which to boot not when it is clamped during boot and there is no choice from which to boot in the BIOS in the boot section, there is only how it was a flash drive, the operating system on the hard disk is not displayed - when you go back to the installer and partition and so you can see that everything is installed (when during installation the question is asked to install next to or anew), the last question remained unanswered, I hope this one will answer what should I do)

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Nazar Mokrinsky, 2017-08-14

If there is an item in the BIOS / UEFI EFI shell, then you can try loading grub manually through this shell. For Ubuntu it looks something like this:
The drive fs0may be different, ubuntutoo, try the options, Tabthe key works as an autocomplete, press twice to see a list of files / folders.
After booting, update the system and do sudo dpkg-reconfigure grub-efi-amd64to register Elementary OS in UEFI.

Labunsky, 2017-08-14

Check in which mode you installed: UEFI or BIOS Legacy

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