Mr Tails2020-04-24 09:41:38
Mr Tails, 2020-04-24 09:41:38

After installing Elementary OS next to windows 10, it does not install Grub. What to do?

Greetings! In general, I didn’t have a disk or a flash drive, so I booted into the image using the Unetbootin utility, installed Elementary OS on a pre-prepared partition and then rebooted ... But for some reason, Elementary OS did not appear in the OS selection list ... Then I added it to the list using the EasyBCD utility... But when loading into Elementary, the _ just blinks and that's it... Question... How to install Elementary so that you can boot into it later?

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Alexey Dmitriev, 2020-04-24

Google for "rescue grub" (I like Hetzner's instruction - https://wiki.hetzner.de/index.php/Hetzner_Rescue-S...
In general, in general:
1. boot from the same flash drive in live mode 2.
Mount your partition with Elementary in the directory
3. Issue the chroot command and work with your partition - see the grub config, edit if necessary and overwrite it.Or
reinstall Elementary OS, and look carefully - it should ask where to install bootloader - apparently you missed it or chose the wrong option.

Pavel Pavel, 2020-04-24

you can hold down the shift when you turn it on and go to the additional boot options, press c, the terminal will open rude, and enter

set root=(hd,msdos)
chainloader +1

in parentheses indicate the physical disk and the Windows boot partition
set root=(hd0,msdos1)
if anything, then the indexing of hard disks starts from zero, and hard disk partitions from one

Kastuś, 2020-04-25

Elementary itself got up without problems nearby
if 1 device, in the minimum form there should be 4
Windows disks per download (500mb) + C: \
eOS + swap
disk But if you need to play disks ...

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