MaxKondratenko2017-07-29 10:27:51
Video cards
MaxKondratenko, 2017-07-29 10:27:51

After installing a new video card, the error IRQL_not_less_or_equal appeared?

There is an ancient computer with such a K9N ULTRA motherboard, and an amd athlon 64 x2 5800+ processor, and 2 2GB RAM sticks.
There was an old Asus Radeon 4xxx video card on 1gb, they gave me a Radeon RX460 on 4gb, after installing the card, a blue screen began to fly out often and there were all sorts of different errors, after reinstalling Windows many times, and by trial and error, I eventually pulled out one chip of RAM and everything worked.
I replaced 2 dice of 2 GB with one for 4 GB, and the blue screen began to appear again during boot, I changed the ancient power supply that was on Chinese 300W to real 400W, the system seemed to start several times, but then the blue screen began to appear again at loading Windows with one error IRQL_NOT_LESS_OR_EQUAL ... Tell me
what could be the problem?)
Power Supply ? device incompatibility? too old motherboard?
ps: The memtest RAM passes, and there are no problems with the old video.
pps: I'll check the video card on another computer today.

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Ltonid, 2017-07-30

If you believe the description of the error from ancient times, it meant that the pieces of iron had a fight. In particular, in relatively new BIOSes, it was possible to control irql priorities for iron. In short, either the vidyuha is broken, or the mother, or indeed blood incompatibility. For old iron (especially mothers), in principle, this is not news. Read the specification to mother and select compatible iron.

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