Sergey Vinogradov2017-02-10 15:47:42
Business Informatics
Sergey Vinogradov, 2017-02-10 15:47:42

After creating a business process, how to create a task?

Bitrix 24 made a business process for adding new brands to an online store. That is, the employee responsible for working with suppliers makes an application to add a brand to the site using this form. Here is such a process turned out dl4.joxi.net/drive/2017/02/10/0022/0244/1442036/36... All
I need is that when creating this process, I create a task with the name and data in the fields. Perhaps someone has a ready-made template for tasks, otherwise what is on dev.bitrix either does not work anymore or has been deleted.
I will be extremely grateful to you. And then I sit all day, I can’t get drunk.

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George N, 2017-02-17

There is an action in the BP - Create a task skrinshoter.ru/s/170217/RIBY1uI3

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