Andrey Laktionov2017-02-08 18:39:00
Hard disks
Andrey Laktionov, 2017-02-08 18:39:00

After connecting to the TV external hdd does not see the files. How to get them?

My Passport hard drive from WD. Movies, files, documents and so on hang on it. I connected it to the LG TV, determined the disk itself for a long time, but did not chew it. Turned it off and after that 95 percent of the files disappeared from sight. They take up space, but are not shown in the explorer. Hidden, system, all the checkboxes that are possible for display are. I also looked through the total. According to disk tests everything is "OK". In the explorer itself, it shows that 800GB is occupied, and displays 30 folders. There are absolutely no ideas, formatting is not an option. Thank you :)
PS also opened via winrar, searched for e2e1, also not :(

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15432, 2017-02-08

In simple cases (like yours) - Power Data Recovery or WinHex. They independently sort through the file system table and show all the files that are actually on the disk.
In difficult cases - R-Studio. This program will completely scan the disk, from fragments of file system records and by signature search will find everything that is possible.

Alexander ns3230, 2017-02-10

Recuva, as an option. Recently, with her help, a neighbor saved suddenly missing photos on hard. Only if it finds it - remember: we restore files to another medium! Otherwise, the restored ones can overwrite those that did not have time to recover.

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