Dmitry Kuzmishchev2022-02-22 13:06:03
Dmitry Kuzmishchev, 2022-02-22 13:06:03

After choosing the main page, did it fly off?

I had a main page index.php . I created her template on page-home.php. I created a page with this template. I set it as the main one in the settings.
Result homepage:
Site redirected too many times. (The rest of the pages work)
I can not go to the admin panel.
The domain is not Cyrillic, I tried to delete files, removed lines in .htaccess, disabled the theme and plugins.

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Artem Zolin, 2022-02-23

index.php is the most basic template that WordPress uses when it doesn't find a better one. For the main page, front-page.php and home.php are much more suitable . For more details, see the WP template hierarchy
. I recommend starting a search for a redirect by disabling all plugins (rename or delete folders in the /wp-content/plugins directory via SFTP). If it doesn’t help, check the first lines of siteurl and home in the wp_options table of the database , the redirect may be due to an SSL certificate. In extreme cases, the id of the page specified in the settings is in the page_on_front line of the wp_options table

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