Andrey Troshkov2015-09-23 09:06:45
Domain Name System
Andrey Troshkov, 2015-09-23 09:06:45

After changing the nameserver records, why is the site working for everyone except me?

Decided to migrate my sites from AWS to Digital Ocean. Accordingly, I changed all NS records of domains to the NS of the Digital Ocean server. After the change, almost 2 days have passed, all my friends have new sites loaded, but I don’t. And this is a problem both at work and at home. And there and there the same Internet provider. Could this be somehow related?
Here are two examples of domains: andymarrel.eu , odavkiirlaen.ee
Thank you very much.

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TyzhSysAdmin, 2015-09-23

and see what addresses are given to you.
It is possible that the provider hard caches DNS requests, although it can generally wrap all DNS traffic to its server and then will not help either.

Dmitry Filandor, 2015-09-23

Yes, it's all about the caches, and at different levels - the cache of a home PC, the router's Wi-Fi, and so on and so forth .... I registered Yandex DNS at one time - I don't know any problems.

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