sergiofollan2016-08-24 11:39:58
sergiofollan, 2016-08-24 11:39:58

After changing the cakephp code, changes on the site occur after a while, how to fix it?

Hello. I'm currently working on a site that uses cakephp. The problem is this:
I am changing some php file, and changes on the site occur after a while (approximately 10 minutes).
I found on the Internet that this is something with caching, but I did not find how to turn it off. Can someone tell me how to solve my problem?
Here is the file structure

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Vadim Dunkin, 2018-05-06

If you want to see the result immediately, then you need to clear the cakephp cache, how to do it:
1. The fastest way

Marat Dallin, 2018-08-14

Vadim Dunkin gave the correct solution if you have access via ssh. If there is no access, then use the method below.
In the /tmp directory there is a cache directory. It contains the following directories:
Delete the contents of these directories.

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