bycter2015-09-06 14:52:49
bycter, 2015-09-06 14:52:49

After agreeing the order on the site, what should the customer do?

The bottom line is: after my response to the order and discussion of the details of the task, the customer decides to work with me. What should he do? How will this show up on my profile?

PS Do not judge strictly, I'm new to the freelansim site.

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Maxim Karakulov, 2016-10-17

If the customer has chosen you as the executor, then to confirm his choice, he must indicate you as the executor of his order on the site. To do this, he must click on a special button, which is in your response to his order. You should see this in your account, and in the "Your responses" section, in the "You are an executor" subsection: https://freelansim.ru/my/responses/executor

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