xSPiRiTx2015-11-06 13:13:41
xSPiRiTx, 2015-11-06 13:13:41

After a sharp power cut, something with the hard drive?

Laptop without battery. During the system boot, the wire was touched on the logo and, naturally, the power cut off abruptly. The hard drive clicked a little. Now, when you turn it on, GRUB 2 appears and asks you to select options: Ubuntu, Advanced options for Ubuntu and Memory test.
If you select the first Ubuntu item, then first the cursor blinks at the top left, then the console appears and the inscription appears in it:
device descriptor read / 64 error -71
HDD got connected to the PC - ran through the directories, the files were in place, the disk was immediately determined.
I must add that I already had a situation exactly the same with the same laptop. Then, by a moronic accident, I pulled out a hard one and, like a sucker, dropped it on a tile, now it is not defined at all.
strange, but now there are no inscriptions at all, the cursor does not blink, but hung in place.

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pr0l, 2015-11-06

man fsck

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