Alexey Medvedev2016-04-03 19:33:07
Google Chrome
Alexey Medvedev, 2016-04-03 19:33:07

adware. Extensions not loading in Google Chrome. How to destroy all malware at once?

I don't know where to even begin.
In general, before that there was Adware advertising, I picked it up a long time ago, it consisted in the fact that occasionally there was a click on invisible advertising, the area of ​​\u200b\u200bwhich filled the entire site. After the click, the open site was copied to a new tab, and an advertising page opened in the old one. I checked with standard Windows protection tools, downloaded trial antivirus programs and the CCleaner program, which was advised in absolutely every topic about Adware. Nothing helped. There were no extra extensions, no suspicious programs and processes in the manager.
Today I lost my vigilance and the ill-fated "Amigo", "Mail.ru crap", the main mail.ru page in chrome, tabs, shortcuts were installed on my computer. Basically, I got rid of it. There are more adware ads, banner ads appeared on almost every site, this is with Adblock enabled. But my chrome extensions do not show me. Screenshot - below:
I googled about it - I did not find anything. I don't know what else to do, because little experience in such matters.
What programs do you recommend? What can be done manually?
UPD: I forgot to mention that even (about a day ago) my girlfriend asked me to clean my computer from viruses or something else, as it took a VERY long time to load pages, while on a smartphone and on a laptop everything loads as always - quickly. And today I had such a problem after all this rigmarole.

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Dimonchik, 2016-04-03

Start 360 total security, only then demolish it too, or better - after cleaning, rearrange all browsers

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