IvanIvvanovv2021-02-05 16:53:19
Google Chrome
IvanIvvanovv, 2021-02-05 16:53:19

A Chrome extension that allows you to mark elements of someone else's web page (in the browser), such as strikethrough text or change the color of a block?

Like in Ublock you can click on an element and select "Block" and then it will be hidden. But I would like the text to be crossed out or the div container to change color, or something so that when viewing this or that site, I would see what I marked on it earlier.

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dollar, 2021-02-06

This can be done in the same uBlock Origin .
Read the cosmetic filters documentation .
For example, here is a rule for the Yandex Market, which recolors in yellow ad units (instead of a product card) with direct links to stores:

market.yandex.ru#$#article[data-autotest-id="offer-snippet"]{ background-color:#ff9 !important; }

Just in case, you can make a similar rule for regular product cards, which colors it in a subtle green, to notice when these rules suddenly break for some reason.
market.yandex.ru#$#article[data-autotest-id="product-snippet"]{ background-color:#efe !important; }

Nadim Zakirov, 2021-02-05

This is called notes, the Vivaldi browser can take notes out of the box, and it is quite possible to install special extensions on other browsers.

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