Alexander2011-02-17 23:17:18
Alexander, 2011-02-17 23:17:18

Advise what to read?

I am a second-year student of a technical university, I am very interested in IT technologies, web design and programming. For a long time I studied, so to speak, on living examples, a task appeared - I found a solution. Now the realization has come that fundamental knowledge is needed, now I am looking for where to draw it from.

I wanted to ask what useful information can be read in the following disciplines:

1. Html layout.
2. HTML 5.
3. JavaScript.
4 jQuery.

In all the listed disciplines I have not systematization, fragmentary knowledge.
I also really want to learn C / C ++, but there, apart from the fact that they teach in the first year, I don’t know anything ... so we can say that you need to learn from scratch.

I would like to read about linux and its administration. In this area, I have meager, fragmentary knowledge, I want to study this issue more thoroughly (for two years now I have been periodically working with ubuntu desktop / server, but I see that I know very little and understand the principle of operation of this system).

I would also like to ask what disciplines are especially valuable and necessary when applying for a job.

Thank you all for your attention! I will be very glad to any advice!

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3ybHa9_Fe9, 2011-02-18

By php Matt Zandstra php. Objects, Patterns, and Programming Techniques

Eugene, 2011-02-18

I’m afraid to run into cons, but to be honest, I haven’t read a single specialized book other than Java Philosophy (Eckel), I prefer to spend more time reading articles, lessons, manuals and source codes. The latter are the most beneficial.

rapida, 2011-02-18

You would decide, PHP and C ++ are two completely different directions.
I don't think they can be combined.
For WEB development, this scheme is:
html + css (html5 is optional) -> javascript + jquery -> php + mysql (OOP and frameworks follow)
for html + css:
has already said the rest

Alexey Shein, 2011-02-18

You were rightly advised to first choose between web (php) and application development (C++), completely different technology stacks are used.
Other queries seem to lean more towards the web, so learn html/css (there is a good book on CSS by Meyer, see the link below for more details), javascript is well documented by John Resig (author of jQuery) Pro Javascript Techniques and Nicholas C. Zakas in Professional JavaScript for Web Developers (Wrox Professional Guides).
For basic PHP learning, there is nothing better than the php.net site itself.
I also advise you to study more general things, and not focus only on the language of your choice, for example, object-oriented programming (OOP) (here go further "Refactoring", "UML", "Enterprise Application Architecture" by Martin Fowler, "Patterns" by the Gang of Four (GoF)), unit testing (Art of Unit Testing; books by Kent Beck), SQL (High Performance MySQL 2 edition if you use MySQL), regular expressions (Friddle, no variants), coding practices ("Perfect Code" by McConnell, I highly recommend), etc. etc.
In general, see my bookshelf (especially books with asterisks) :)
www.shein_alexey /shelf

CyMpak, 2011-02-19

I recommend searching Stackoverflow for "best books". This question, both in the general case and in the context, is well covered there.

Alexander, 2011-02-18

The fact is that this is how I started my journey, and everything seemed to work out, but when I started working on more complex and more promising projects, it began to seem to me that I knew practically nothing, I began to doubt how competently I decide certain tasks ...
I would like some clearer picture.
Also, when I read a resume, the following question often arises:
Do I know (let's say JS) as well as they will demand from me?
although there seems to be experience, it seems that everything I write works, but there is no certainty.
By the way, thanks to everyone who responded! I hope the tips don't end there.

Rafael Osipov, 2011-02-18

I recommend reading the following books:
On C++
Bruce Eckel - Thinking in C++
Bjarne Stroustrup - The C++ Programming Language
On the basics of JavaScript: David Flanagan - JavaScript. Definitive guide
After learning JavaScript, by jQuery: Earle Castledine, Craig Sharkie - jQuery: Novice to Ninja

Ishli, 2011-02-18

In C ++
Programming: principles and practice of using C ++

HnH, 2011-02-18

There is a very good book on the basics of puff, but it is still in the 4th version - J. Meloni "PHP4 in action". The syntax of the language itself has not changed much, only new goodies have appeared, so if you decide to read this book, then you will have to read about these same PHP5 goodies separately . In any case, one book in the study of the language is not limited.

aux666, 2012-02-12

Denis Kolisnichenko: A modern site in PHP and JavaScript
And in C \ C ++, few people write better than the creators of the language =)

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