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@kubikus, 2013-10-04 22:51:56

Advise what to add to the sumo robot control algorithm?

Here I am preparing a little animal for tomorrow's mini-sumo competition:

Competition rules here - http://robofob.ru/robosport/?champ20131005

Now I use two rangefinders to search for objects in the ring and IR optical sensors to control the border of the ring. So far, it can only scan the space around itself. And even after capturing the target, it pursues and attacks the enemy.

What else to add to the algorithm?

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Biga, 2013-10-05

Draw a black line on a white background across the body of the robot. Let the opponents think.

demimurych, 2013-10-05

I don’t really understand the essence, because as a bird
And if you change tactics? And instead of attacking, just move in a circle near the edge of the ring? After all, your enemies will act according to an algorithm similar to yours, which means that when they start attacking, they will miss and fly out of the ring.

asm0dey, 2013-10-05

As far as I understand from a dozen championships viewed on YouTube, this is not enough. Although two things seem to be missing:
1) An emergency escape maneuver when approaching the edge of the ring.
2) Flip-out mechanical part a la scoop, but this is not an algorithm)

kubikus, 2013-10-10

Thanks for the valuable advice. I will implement for the next competition.
This time it went something like this:

In the rest of the fights, I leaked :) Now it's clear that the first thing to do is to put more tenacious wheels.

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