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Advise on how to make a study project

The task is to make a small project for academic purposes.
The essence of the project is a specialized attendance counter. In principle, GA / YM would be suitable, but “raw data” could not be pulled out from there, namely “visitor X - opening page Y - timestamp” (if I'm wrong, I will be grateful for the correction). It is planned to apply algorithms for graphs over the collected data (spanning tree, shortest paths, etc.)

So far I'm leaning towards Node.js + mongo (the greatest doubts about the database).
I will use it on a couple of sites with a total attendance of about 5,000 uniques per day.

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shvedovka, 2013-09-09

Yandex.metrica has a web browser that logs all the actions of a particular visitor, including the sequence of transitions. See if there is an API to pull this data.

AxisPod, 2013-09-09

The simplest, but far from the most accurate, is to parse the default access logs. In this case, the same nginx can help with the HttpUseridModule module, which already identifies a specific user, and then parsing these logs.

dutchakdev, 2013-09-09

I can help in the design and consultation for free, without SMS. I'm serious, write.

Artem Spiridonov, 2013-09-09

Node.js + postgresql

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