1454802015-06-18 10:48:35
145480, 2015-06-18 10:48:35

Advise cms (solution) for the culinary portal?

Advise from your experience who has come across such types of sites.

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Dmitry Filatov, 2015-06-18

Based on the way you're asking the question and your problem, I'd recommend you get Wordpress and look at pre-built themes (paid or free) for it.
Here is an example - themeforest.net/item/chow-recipe-food-wordpress-th...

Konstantin T, 2015-06-18

If you want to do on CMS, then you need CMS in which you can do anything from the site, for example, bitrix or modx.
Personally, I would advise not to use CMS

Vladimir, 2015-06-18

Judging by the question, I would suggest something similar to ucoz

Stanislav Ezersky, 2015-06-18

Drupal, Modx

Evgeny Perin, 2015-06-18

Wordpress, Drupal, ModX, Laravel, Yii2.
I foresee the question, did I make a culinary portal =) Yes, I did. And "Culinary Portal" is a very broad concept. The functionality can differ very much, and it depends on what is better to choose. The fact that you are trying to get to the bottom of everyone here with the fact that they did not make a culinary portal indicates that you do not understand development. Because the methods are the same everywhere, even if you do an analogue of habr, even a culinary portal. The knowledge and tools used are the same.

Alex, 2015-06-18

Wordpress is perfect for this task. Here is an example of multivarki-recepti.ru attendance exceeded 30k uniques per day.
Most of the functionality out of the box + plugins. But a lot was done additionally, the topic was written from scratch (but not by us). Search by ingredients, reviews and a bunch of other little things did.

Oleg, 2015-06-18

I don't understand answers like "It's better not to use CMS at all". WHY? For such tasks, a ready-made template solution on one of the popular CMS will just be great!
Why would a person make a site with a unique design, pay a lot of money to a web designer, layout designer, programmer, if you can buy an excellent template (as advised in the first answer) and solve your problem perfectly?
And neither Bitrix nor Modex is suitable for such tasks! Especially Bitrix!

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