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Advise Claudia


I decided to change my keyboard on my computer. The old one became =)) Then the question arose of choosing a good model. Advise, please, clave for high-speed typing (budget <= 1000 r).

PS I remember back in school there were such “clattering” claves. It was convenient to print on them =)) Is there anything similar on the market now?

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web4_0, 2010-12-01

I would advise adding 500-600 rubles. and buy Natural Ergonomic Keyboard 4000

Ogra, 2010-12-01

He walked for a long time and chose his Claudia. I settled on Microsoft Comfort Curve 2000 - and I'm satisfied.

Oleg Torbasov, 2010-12-01

It's highly individual. For example, the other day I brought prehistoric wired keyboard and mouse from Helios Business Computer to work instead of the Logitech Cordless Desktop Wave Keyboard kit - and I'm satisfied. Because on the Logitech Home / End key, a phalanx of the finger is further from the cursor keys - just so as not to get it without moving the entire wrist. Well, the wide front row was embarrassing.
The main thing is vigilance: carefully look at the layout, does it suit you?

aazon, 2010-12-01

once you try Sven Ergonomic 3000 you won't be able to refuse =)

SEObomj, 2010-12-01

I have an Ergomedia 700 from Genius. Very satisfied. It was with this clave that he began to imperceptibly print blindly.

Vladson, 2010-12-01

I prefer cheap ones (up to $10) the main thing for me
1 - there was a button with a slash between the left shift and Z
2 - there was a sufficient distance between the buttons 1-2-3 and the F1-F2-F3 buttons so as not to miss with a swing
3 - the home / ins buttons /etc were "standard"
4 - of course NumPAD was standard (in some it is removed)
5 - if I see two identical keyboards but there is no "Win" button on one, I prefer it (it doesn't matter, but I prefer it)
I advise you to pay attention to all these points and choose based on habits (“re-accustoming” greatly affects performance)

sevasat, 2010-12-07

It depends a lot on taste, I personally really like Mitsumi Classic. Soft keys with a long travel, classic layout, no glamorous glossy plastic - everything is modest and of high quality. Red Cyrillic, black Latin. For carpal tunnel sufferers, there is a version with a wrist rest. Has been serving for quite some time. Above the keys there is a groove for a pencil =) But for typing large amounts of text it may not be ergonomic enough, this is a purely individual matter. Price 300-350r.

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