ZaxapKramer2017-02-06 10:44:35
Network administration
ZaxapKramer, 2017-02-06 10:44:35

Advise cheap hosting for client SPAs (like github pages, only private (50-100 megabytes))?

For SPA on js and html only, a lot of space is not needed at all, as well as php (in principle, although I would like it for greed ) and a database (mysql) are redundant.
Hard drives are now inexpensive, especially for several SPAs 100 megabytes would be enough. I really do not want (tired) to overpay for the same extra 1.95 gigabytes.
Github Pages would be fine, but I don't want to put everything in the public (as well as there is no reason to buy private for ~ 450 rubles) ...
I looked at CisHost - it attracts a tariff for 100 rubles a year. Confused only reliability(as well as on other similar hostings) and ignoring my message by the support service for a period of 4 days. How confident can you be in it?
What can you advise?

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Eugene Burmakin, 2017-02-06

GitLab Pages with free private reps

Jan van Eyck, 2018-09-24

Low cost and flexible payment system (no fixed tariffs; payment is charged only for the amount of stored data and outgoing traffic), the presence of a CDN and a flexible system for setting container parameters and uploaded files.

Jetronic, 2020-08-15

I would recommend idomax.ru everything is there for free, the limit is only 250 MB of disk space

pr0l, 2017-09-14

2011 more than 20 megabits over ipsec fills up the percentage by 100%.
CCR1009 at an Internet speed of 100 megabits, pumped through. ipsec 70 megabits, the load was about 50%.
IMHO 2011 is not a good version of iron. At the very pieces, 8 of them worked at first.
The waffle is only 2.4, 2 switches: for gigabit and 100 megabits, which through the percent is not comme il faut to switch = load per percent, but to switch through the wire = lose 2 ports.
In this situation , RB962UiGS-5HacT2HnT with 5 gigabit ports and a 2-band wafer only wins. There is also a full-fledged SFP USB. On this screen that they saw in 2011, only amuse their own CSV. If you really need all the ports to hang up additional equipment, then it's better to pay extra and buy 3011, at least there are 2 processors and all gigabits.

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