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Movee, 2015-04-15 23:54:56

Advise a virtual machine and a remote administration system?

The bottom line is this: the family has 2 computers in LAN, one powerful, and the second - firewood breathing its last. It is necessary to create a virtual machine on the first computer, and use the second computer exclusively as a remote client, but in order to comply with 2 points:
1) The virtual machine must work in the background, i.e. so that sounds do not go from it to the main computer, etc.
2) On the second computer, everything should look like it's not a remote connection, but everything is native, i.e. no connection management windows on the screen floor, and minimal delays.
Also, the second computer should not have access to everything that is located outside the virtual machine.

What kind of virtual machine and remote administration system would you recommend for these purposes? Paid / free - it doesn’t matter, the main thing is that it should be on torrents. Well, if some non-trivial settings are needed, I will also be happy for advice, I still don’t understand these things at all. Thanks in advance.

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Alexander, 2015-04-15

Google VMware server 2 and thin client.
May luck be with you :)

Pavel Perminov, 2015-04-16

If on a powerful Windows 8 (.1) pro, then there is a hyper-v service. The virtual machine will work in the background and there are quite tolerable management tools.
If on a powerful one - something different from the eight, then it will not work completely natively. But I did not delve deeply into the issue, because it was not necessary.
Lin + kvm / qemu - the same will be saved

Anton Nagaets, 2015-04-16

VMware Server 2.0.2
Absolutely legal from the VMware website.
After registering in your personal account, you will receive a key. If not, then on the Internet there are many keys to it.
The product is currently completely free. But be aware there is no support. If you want to switch to tench, then feel free to go to habrahabr In this post

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