Lans2013-12-02 11:41:16
Lans, 2013-12-02 11:41:16

Advise a resource where you can prepare for the exam in mathematics

Good afternoon.
I'm going to apply for a part-time program next year, I'll have to take Russian and mathematics.
Everything is fine with the Russian language, but with mathematics there are gaps that I simply forgot, for example, logarithms.
Surely, in your bookmarks you have links to educational resources, ideally, so that it would be like lingualeo.ru/, so that you can complete the task, and then you will be pointed out your mistakes and backed up with reference material.

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Eugene Mosyukov, 2013-12-02

For example, ege.yandex.ru/mathematics

ComradV, 2017-12-11

Good afternoon.
https://ege.sdamgia.ru/ - an excellent collection of tasks, with the ability to generate options for yourself with those types of tasks that are the worst.
If you want something hotter, then Alex Larin, where even I (as a tutor) sometimes think hard, i.e. here the options are more complex than in the real exam.
Well, in theory, there are video courses that are now in abundance on YouTube, and you will definitely find the storyteller that you like (there is everything from the conditional soviet Marya Petrovna to the channel "Mathematics without x#; nor"). And unfortunately, I have not yet found such a beautiful "silver bullet" as LinguaLeo for a long search.

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