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FedLab, 2013-08-16 15:40:07

Advise a GUARANTOR for a software sale transaction

The time has come, or rather the chance, to sell your old application (program code). Meeting with a potential buyer to draw up an agreement on the transfer of rights is impossible, and therefore I am looking towards guarantors for the transaction.
Who can advise a good and serious guarantor (the ideal option is a webmoney transfer or a guarantor/intermediary company in Ukraine)?
The amount is small - in the aisles of 1k dollars.

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edogs, 2013-08-16

Given that the question is tagged "payment systems + e-commerce", then webmoney.
Conduct a transaction at will through any of the services
a) escrow
b) arbitrage
c) trust Your
choice, depending on what seems more convenient to you.
ps: free of charge in case of no problems, about 10% of the transaction amount deducted from the loser in case of problems.

Alaloa, 2016-06-13

Only garant-cash.ru

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