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Computer networks
Rick, 2016-04-03 21:46:41

Advice, networking, which Mikrotik router to choose?

Hello! Please advise me to choose a router, as I understand it, preferably Miktotik.
Essence of the question: Office 20 computers, mostly laptops, win7,8,10 axes. Only home and only a couple of proffesional. Peer-to-peer network, no AD. Channel width 20Mbts. A tplink router costs a little better than 841. For 3 antennas. Printers are constantly flooding the network, 2 network printers, of course there is no print server. Please advise how best to organize the network and which mikrotik router to choose. You can with a link, I will be grateful.
It is necessary to do and to make it work, they asked for friendship to organize the work of the network.
Tasks that the router must perform:
-wi-fi connect only to allowed poppy addresses;
-cutting the channel for some users;
-Internet to issue only the necessary ip-addresses;
-possibility of VPN connection;
A piece of iron is needed to set up and forget once.
Only there was no experience with Mikrotik. I think I'll figure it out.
I persuade the customer on AD.
Can advise your solution or thoughts, I will be very grateful.
Thank you.

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Andrey Ermachenok, 2016-04-03

-wi-fi connect only to allowed poppy addresses;

In a month, the director will buy a new iPhone - so what? We'll have to remember everything again and finish building it.
And these laptops print over WiFi? What are the specifics of the office? I have layouts of 1.5G - over a gigabit network - it's normal, but you will be given such tasks for all WiFi.
RB2011UAS-2HnD - we have up to 20 clients with a guest Internet via WiFi, like 10Mbit, covers an office of 400 sq.m. - guests and gadgets of employees.
The entire business network is wired, and there are no problems. Access to the Internet for a corporate network - through Kerio.

Andrey, 2016-04-03

First, I would like to put the existing network in order, there are already quite a few employees, it would be time to start AD. With Wi-Fi filtered by MAC addresses, it’s not comme il faut, I speak as a person who used it. I at first would make AD, and then configured EAP. It is more secure than WPA2-PSK and easier to maintain in terms of adding devices. Fired an employee? OK. They turned off the account, and he no longer logs in, and there is no need to remove a bunch of MACs from the ACL (what if he has 3 phones and 2 tablets, you first need to add, and then also delete).
As for VPN, AD would also save here. Tighten RADIUS, and you can configure SSTP, L2TP and PPTP (it is better not to configure the latter at all) with RADIUS authentication. Pluses same as well as from EAP.
PS: any Mikrotik can do all this functionality quite well, since the OS is the same on all models (except CRS).
PSS: purely out of curiosity, in which office is the Internet distributed only to "chosen ones"? Is it still a luxury somewhere?

Gregory, 2016-04-04

is more than enough for your tasks :)

Alexander Romanov, 2016-04-04

Look towards this model. Firstly, there is already a gigabit switch on all ports, plus the ability to rotate traffic as you like.

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