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Rick, 2016-02-03 15:12:45

Advice, documentation and books Windows Server?

Good afternoon toaster!
I would like to read the documentation and the book on Windows Server, of course 2012r2 is better, but 2008r2 is also possible. There are also such important nuances as understanding which extra roles cannot be assigned to AD, or if the organization is small, and AD can pull out, for example, both a "share file" and a "print server". What is "bad form" in deploying AD, or other services.
A lot of these questions were asked, and there were even answers, like this .
Well, I would like some good advice, based on real experience. I don’t want to waste time on a book where there will be a lot of water and chew on each service and utility, describing only the theory, so to speak.
I would like more practical examples, more life situations. Also, if someone knows the hyper-v virtualization documentation. For example, calculating the load on the "host" hyper-v, how to calculate resources in order to make a decision about moving to a virtual machine. Well, and machine settings. In many video courses that I watched - a lot of water.
It's clear that you can set up a bunch of virtual machines and click, but there are always nuances. A real-life example, when, when removing an external adapter through the hyper-v Manager, the network adapter fell on the virtualization host and I had to look for firewood.
It's not good to run to the forum for every question, so you need to read ....
If someone has a "favorite" book or documentation articles, please advise.
PS What interests you: Windows server documentation books,

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Denis Sechin, 2016-02-03

Lynn S Administering Microsoft Windows Server 2012

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