Grrrr2011-12-26 19:56:34
Grrrr, 2011-12-26 19:56:34

Advice, cost estimate

I need your advice! Such a situation, a person (A) took a laptop from another person (B) for an hour, while it worked properly all the time, A turned off the laptop and put it in a bag, after which he took it to B.
B turns on the laptop after 10 minutes, but it turns out that the video card burned out from overheating, because A did not turn it off, but put it into standby mode by intuitively pressing the power button.
The laptop is 5 years old (samsung r70), it is customized, there was a 512MB video card (G84-600-A2) not native, which was very hot and intensive cooling was required. Consider whether B is doing the right thing when he demands compensation for damages? what can protect A?

How much will the work on soldering the vidyuhi cost now? bga chip soldering

Thanks in advance for your answers.

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Ivan Tikhonov, 2011-12-26

If the relationship is normal, break the cost of repairs or vidyahi in half. One is wrong, that he did not warn about the rules for working with a customized laptop, the second is wrong, because. his actions led to a breakdown. IMHO, once obyudka, then it is necessary to fold in half.

voodoo_doctor, 2011-12-26

Well, if it burned out only because of the “standby mode” instead of “shutdown”, then this is the problem of the laptop and not the crooked hands of person A and demand compensation brazenly (unless A was warned about this)

sankir, 2011-12-26

From a technical point of view, (B) is right, because in all the laptops I have met, the instructions state that it will “die” one way or another if access to the cooling windows is blocked for it (read, turn it on without taking it out of the bag, etc.).
(A) can be protected by the fact that after 5 years there is no longer a guarantee for the laptop, and it could “die” at any moment on its own, especially since there was customization and the “native” parameters were violated, which means “or warn that your laptop needs extra special treatment, or go to hell with your soldered devices.

Zverenish, 2011-12-26

The position of both A and B is clear. In place B, the desire to compensate for the damage is understandable, and in place A, the position of misunderstanding “what to pay for?” is understandable. I would not want to be in the place of any of them.
But abstracting, I’ll still take side A. It’s one thing to sit on a laptop and have a dent – ​​guilt is understandable here. Another is overheating ... if the person was not told in advance that “be sure to turn it off, and don’t put it to sleep, otherwise it’s likely” - then B is also considered guilty of what happened, because someone else should know his laptop.

Eternalko, 2011-12-27

Not quite clear.
Maybe I don’t understand something, but as for me, if they put it into hibernation, then all laptop systems should turn off.
If in a dream, then only the RAM works, so it also does not heat up.
Did he leave it on at all.
In general, a strange situation.
If the owner of the laptop knew that he had a crystal laptop, then he had to say.
And this is normal operation.
Although I would give a friend some percentage to a new laptop;)

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