kachi882019-02-19 15:49:07
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kachi88, 2019-02-19 15:49:07

Advertising two different sites with the same products in direct, is it normal?

There is one store, it works fine - it is advertised in direct.
I made a second store, the goods are the same, description, pictures, structure - everything is different. Of course, I created another Yandex account for him, will it be normal if they are both advertised in direct? What is the best way to put down keywords, make them the same or different? and in general, won’t Yandex ban it for this, if it suddenly somehow finds out.

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Alexey Denisov, 2019-02-19

Can "glue" ads if it finds signs that two sites belong to the same advertiser. That is, instead of ads on two sites, only ads from one of them will be displayed at the same time. At the same time, either Yandex itself can recognize it, or pay attention to the complaint of competitors.
Signs of similarity can be common contact information, legal names of the organization, site domain data, and so on. Accordingly, the more differences between the two sites and advertisers, the safer.

Dmitry Dart, 2019-02-19

Normally, gluing occurs by domains for SEO and not by Direct. I advertised so, everything is fine, there are no problems.

Aristokrat- govno na rukave, 2019-02-20

You can calmly conduct a direct, there will be no problems from one "neutral" account.
But with the search for Yandex and Google, you need to be more careful in your case.
Well, I think you are aware, because it is very naive to make two "clone" sites without reading the "rules". )
at the expense of keywords and promotion of sites on them, you can do the same topic. but no one forbids and move on to others. Depends on your goals.
Good luck with business.

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