Ivan2015-08-27 18:32:30
Ivan, 2015-08-27 18:32:30

Plugin for reviews?

Good afternoon. Please advise a plugin for displaying reviews in the form of a carousel or slider. Reviews must be scored manually (it should not automatically pull anything up).
The principle of operation is as follows, we enter information (Review, photo, author) and all this must be displayed on the page in the form of a slider.
Thank you.

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Andrey Golubev, 2019-03-09

To answer that with the "sick" - you need to see this "sick". That is, it’s hard to say what the site is. The problem may be in the organization of linking within the project, its credibility (trust) which directly depends on the quantity and QUALITY of the sites linking to you and the quality of the content itself, as well as its thematic nature. All of these can have a similar effect.

Evgeny Yudin, 2019-03-09

There can be many problems.
Here is a list of the most frequent in descending order: -
a lot of js on the pages
- there is no or poorly configured sitemap
- there are few external links to the site - a very
large number of pages with questionable quality or a small amount of content
- rare content updates

CHolfield, 2019-03-09

In short, your site from the point of view of Google is shit, not worth frequent indexing

Dimonchik, 2019-03-09

Google often encrypts only what it is interested in,
and it is interested in original content
in general, it’s stupid to inspect without elephant data, but look at webmaster tools, and logs, there are hints

Puma Thailand, 2019-03-09

Are you pinging Google when adding content?
Do you generate a new sitemap every time you update, and does it have regular update intervals?
Do you feed new links on Twitter?

Alexander Korshunkov, 2019-03-11

I think on the sitemap and internal linking. It may be difficult for the bot to find your new articles, so he ignores them. Difficult to judge

Ivan, 2015-08-29

Well, here are the solutions in the form of a plugin that worked for me.

CrewCut, 2015-08-27

Reviews must be entered manually

Are you going to write reviews yourself? Do you need to add it from the admin?
You have two tasks - adding reviews and displaying them as a carousel. The first is solved through taxonomies, at least - posts from a certain category; second layout with jQuery

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