Artem Skopintsev2014-09-13 13:28:50
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Artem Skopintsev, 2014-09-13 13:28:50

Advertising in Windows Store apps. Where to start, if at all possible?

Good afternoon!
I almost finished developing my application, and now I decided to work on advertising in it. Began to drip Google, nothing good, unfortunately, did not find. At first I read about the Microsoft Advertising SDK, found out that working with this SDK is not possible in Russia (or am I mistaken?). Then I came across "AdDuplex". On one of the sites it was written that you can’t make money on it, as it is a platform for exchanging ads with other applications. Nevertheless, I tried to enter it into my application, it seems to be how everything turned out, but much remained unclear, for example, how money will be credited, how to withdraw it later, etc. Please tell me how to work with AdDuplex if you know something.
How do I add ads to my app?
Is it possible to use Google AdSense or something similar if there are no other options?
Thanks in advance!

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bmforce, 2014-09-15

1) Not Adsense, but Admob, but unfortunately it only works under Windows Phone.
2) In Adduplex there is an opportunity to make money on advertising, but so far only by invites. Start exchanging advertisements for now, maybe they will give you an invite.
Other ad networks that support the Windows Store (I haven't tried them myself):

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