cencio2012-10-02 13:58:31
cencio, 2012-10-02 13:58:31

Advertising from Begun & Android app, does it make sense???

someone used the runner ( appsmobile.begun.ru/) to make money on free mobile applications? Share your experience, how is it compared to admob/mobclix etc? Does it make sense to use it if I am targeting a Russian-speaking audience or advertising through Google services will give the same amount?

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Sergey Ozeransky, 2012-10-02

Pay attention to this post . Maybe even contact the author, he will tell you something.

nicolausYes, 2012-10-03

I can say that for a month in Admob, in an application for Russian-speaking users, eCPM is $ 0.09, then think for yourself.

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