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xcho1996, 2016-01-19 12:03:39

Advertising budget?

how much should you spend on advertising for a new site and what types of advertising do you recommend? site for cheating social networks

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Mikhail Melnikov, 2016-01-19

If the site is new, then at first it is better to spend more on advertising than after the site is "untwisted" and becomes profitable. Calculate the approximate annual profit that you predict and divide it by 12. If you are seriously involved in the project, I think it is better to reach payback in a year, i. it is reasonable to spend on advertising the annual profit divided by 12, i.e. predicted average profit per month at the end of the year.
But of course it depends on the type of your site, on the services you provide - there can be a variety of calculations, I just gave an example.
I would not recommend using social media cheats, in the long run it does not work. Develop a content plan, lead groups on social networks, advertise them, and gradually increase your audience.
If you do not plan to make money on the site, then it is reasonable to build calculations according to a different logic.

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