Egor Polyakov2021-09-07 19:00:27
Ad blocking
Egor Polyakov, 2021-09-07 19:00:27

Advertisement pops up (.js substitution) and ad block works, how to fix it?

On the pages of the site https://n-trade.spb.ru/services/ advertising periodically popped up: n-trade.spb.ru/services
r.2ad.wtf/?orig=http%3A%2F%2Fn-trade.spb .ru%2Fbitr...

Managed to win temporarily by adding SSL.

Now the ad block is constantly working on the mob. device while browsing the site.
jquery scripts etc. with absolute addresses and https:// set.
Failed to find the source. Who faced - how did you fix it?

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galaxy, 2021-09-07

You were either broken, or you are using a template with advertising. In the header you have a directly suspicious script loaded from bitrix.info/ba.js

dollar, 2021-09-08

Catch by elimination method . Try different computers and different mobs. devices. If advertising is only on one mob. device, then it's in it. If advertising on all (or several) mobs. devices, then you need to further cut off the options. Does everyone have the same operator, does everyone have the same brand, OS version, setup features, etc. Try to change something. So you will either find the source, or narrow the circle of the search, or immediately cut off the whole direction of the search.
Hypothetically, the virus can be on the device, on the server, mithm, and it can also be a joke of one of the colleagues, or anything at all. In order not to guess and not to sort through all the options one by one, you need to remove entire directions for searching by the method of elimination using simple experiments, that is, about half of the options are cut off each time. When there are very few options left, they can already be stupidly sorted out in order, checking each one.

Egor Polyakov, 2021-09-08

galaxy dollar Thank you. It's rather all together.
1. Bitrix > virus removed.
2. "Cranky" Ad Block: I consistently disabled code snippets of the main page.
I even had to remove the metric (temporarily - ad block reacted with it!)
Removed all "container" and empty code.
3. Added https:// and ?banner=off for all JS scripts in Show Head.
4. Removed the basket from the basement, etc.
In general, "cut off the tails", which could give an ad block reaction.
Errors in broken urls - I will fix it.
The difficulty is, ad block on mob. does not make it clear what exactly became the cause (the buglist cannot be deduced).

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