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teodor7teodor7, 2016-08-26 10:21:45

Advertise an agency or an expert?

A question. A bit of advertising, there is a person who has a company. Need social media advertising networks. It was decided to publish articles, reviews, consultations. What is the best way and from what name to print these articles, on behalf of a particular person or his company?

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maklich, 2016-08-26

watch the video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=frvYV6znoes
Molchanov A. speaks well about this (somewhere in the middle or a little closer to the end). the essence is as follows: 1. official response / opinion / comment - from an official (from the agency); 2. opinion leaders / agents of influence - it is better to promote the business owner or a very loyal employee (but there is a danger that he will leave, etc.), 3. some artificially created person, such as a company logo or something else.
In my opinion, all approaches should be used.

Alexey, 2016-08-26

It is better to write from the agency, in case of questions, any expert can answer, and not specifically the author of the article. If the task is self-promotion of an expert, then from an expert.

Vyacheslav Tilo, 2017-02-02

I think there is a tendency in the agency business to personalize the business. It is not for nothing that all agencies in a row open their mega "schools" and courses, which offer owners to learn on their own.
When an entrepreneur-businessman-owner thinks that he will communicate with the same owner as he is, then trust goes up by itself. But unfortunately, this does not at all indicate the good quality of the services of these agencies. :) In the oil sector, for example (gas station networks, etc.), this approach will not work, because. business communicates with the consumer.
It all depends on the field of activity. :)

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