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KJIayD, 2015-10-18 19:05:52

Advantages of optical fiber over radio channel?

Good day.
I found little sensible information on the Internet ... Maybe I searched badly .. As a result, I didn’t find anything specific on this issue, so tell me about the advantages of optical fiber over a radio channel.
Also, please take into account:
1. The number of users from 100 to 300.
2. From 30 telephony channels.
Just as interesting is the issue of the security of the radio channel and how easy it is to drop it if you want?
Thanks in advance for informative replies.

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throughtheether, 2015-10-18

Optical fiber - the signal propagates inside the fiber, hence the resistance to interference.
Radio channel - the signal propagates in an electromagnetic field, common to all. Any nearby source of radio waves of the same frequency is your potential problem.

Just as interesting is the issue of the security of the radio channel and how easy it is to drop it if you want?
Even when using directional antennas, it is possible to raise your antenna near one of the transceivers and listen to your messages. It is also possible, using a signal generator of the desired frequency, to achieve a failure of the radio link. To listen to the traffic transmitted over the fiber, it is necessary to organize a branch (tap), which is quite laborious and requires physical access to the cable. To cause an optical link to fail, the cable itself needs to be manipulated, which again requires physical access.
Another plus of fiber is the ability to further increase the channel bandwidth using xWDM (although it’s not a fact that you need it, and even there it’s not without nuances).
If you have a choice - radio or cable, I recommend cable. If there is a choice, copper or optics, then, other things being equal, I recommend optics for important (backbone) links.

Alexey Skobkin, 2015-10-18

Advantages of the radio channel:
+ No need for fiber
optics Advantages of optics:
+ All other possible advantages

vm916, 2015-10-18

Pings can reduce the use of telephony to "no".
The radio channel is used in extreme cases or at exorbitant prices of fixed providers in the BC.

TyzhSysAdmin, 2015-10-18

It's like comparing plumbing to a hose.

oia, 2015-10-18

speed protection against interference, and weather
to hurt the radio channel, you can simply put a jammer along the signal path, or drop a more powerful one with another signal at this frequency

Artem @Jump, 2015-10-18

If large pings, limited channel width, and unstable communication do not scare you, then in principle there are no pluses.

AntHTML, 2015-10-19

The number of users and phones in this matter is not quite a task, here, first of all, it is necessary to consider the transmission medium: distance, terrain, line of sight, the presence of obstacles in the signal path, the congestion of the air and cable routes, the cost of implementation, bureaucratic and installation delays of each of the options. But from a technical point of view, cable networks are always much more reliable than wireless ones.

Puma Thailand, 2015-10-18

Take optics in your case radio is not an option

DNMit, 2015-10-18

Nothing more reliable than wires has yet been invented, especially when it comes to optical fiber. Well, from a security point of view, too.

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