frosty77777772015-11-12 09:33:19
frosty7777777, 2015-11-12 09:33:19

Advanced search on habr. How to find all publications on a specific hub for 2014?

How to take a specific hub, for example "algorithms" and find all publications in it for 2014?
Thanks in advance.

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Dimonchik, 2015-11-12

Isn't the hub in chronological order? rewind laziness twice
with your hands - get confused with https://github.com/kafeman/habrahabr-api-python-client
too lazy to bother? scrapy with the URL " habrahabr.ru/hub/algorithms "
or even wget with the option "do not go to the directory above"
all too lazy? put autopager and scroll down, it will go by itself))

Shodan Mind, 2015-11-14

search in Yandex by site operator, keyword and date.

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