Umid2017-11-18 12:57:42
Umid, 2017-11-18 12:57:42

Advanced search for woocommerce with the ability to search in specific categories?

I just can't find a plugin that would search in certain categories.
For example, the site has sections: Food, Clothing, Electronics.
The user chooses from select'a the necessary section and search is already carried out on the given section (category).
In principle, I would have a search engine myself, and I would have attached the select to it myself.
I hope for your help.

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WordPress WooCommerce, 2017-11-21

The search engine itself is in the core.
For example: my.shop/product_category/notebooks/
if you add s like this: my.shop/product_category/notebooks/?s=text
it will search within that category.
then you just need to write a form that will take this logic into account.
will search within the category.

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