Roman2019-08-30 11:51:57
Roman, 2019-08-30 11:51:57

Is there a real alternative to Upwork?

Greetings! Subject :)
The essence of the matter is that I was banned from Upwork. It's not my fault - I became a victim of modern geopolitics)) Honestly)
Now I want to understand what are the real English-speaking alternatives, and whether they exist in principle.
Thanks in advance for a helpful answer!

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Orkhan Hasanli, 2018-02-24

- Check if there is a page with a shopping cart and if there is a shortcode in it
- Check if all the Wokomertz templates are available and up-to-date. In particular cart.php (There is a page with the status of pages in the admin panel, etc.). If so, update them for your theme, or copy them from the templates folder of the Woocommerce plugin and replace the templates in your theme's woocommerce folder
- Check WooCommerce endpoints. Maybe they are missing

Alexey Nikolaev, 2019-08-30

Toptal. The best exchange with the best orders for the top 3% of freelancers. You can try your luck, suddenly you are just one of the three percent of web ninjas.
There is also Peopleperhour.

Daniil Maslov, 2019-08-30

No, there are few orders on other exchanges.

Developer, 2019-08-30

And what prevents you from using a VPN and a proxy to change your geolocation to kosher?

lukoie, 2019-08-30

On Toptal, the norms
are zyzh, but sho, Crimea, or what?

Puma Thailand, 2019-09-01

there are many exchanges

Vladimir Bondarev, 2019-09-09

https://djinni.co - I really like this resource.

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