Satellence2013-07-28 13:29:49
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Satellence, 2013-07-28 13:29:49

Advanced Explorer?

Hello. For my work, I am looking for an extended version of Windows 8 Explorer. Maybe there is a separate solution, or an add-on for the standard Explorer. In particular, the following functions are of particular interest:
- color marking of files
- the ability to pin certain files first in the search results so that they are not affected by the specified sorting
- the ability to insert your html file into the explorer window as a site for implementation on certain pages of your own functionality.
explanation about the last item in the picture: dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/1882988/explorer_examp...

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rPman, 2013-07-28

Far Commander or Total Commander provides this functionality and a lot more... both have a plugin subsystem, FAR is also open source.
By the minuses of the goal of replacing the explorer - the lack of a view mode of Icons and Thumbnails ... only a table and a list.

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