Evgeny Ferapontov2014-04-07 10:24:36
Evgeny Ferapontov, 2014-04-07 10:24:36

ADSL to multiple vlans using Zyxel P660 and Cisco SG300

There was a need to divide the corporate network into subnets. We have Cisco SG300 in L3 mode with ip routing enabled and Zyxel P660 with out-of-the-box settings and Internet access via PPoE. Vlans are created on the Cisco SG300 and end on it, then unmanaged switches go "down". On the cisco, the default gateway is Zyxel's ip (.0.2), which is connected to gi10 (access/vlan10/.0.1). On Cisco, show ip route shows all vlans as direct connected, but the ping does not go to the modem. Not a single route was created on the modem, and, as far as I understand, that is why there is no ping.
I would like to know how to set up routing on it. Well, or get wise advice from the category of "best practice" on how such things are generally implemented.

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Valentin, 2014-04-07

You have already tortured your poor Ciscy and ADSL modem)
Naturally, routes will not appear on the modem just like that) I don’t know the specific capabilities of your Zyxel, but the logic of actions with pieces of iron like yours should be like this:
1) We make a /30 network between the modem and cisco, we assign static IP addresses
2) We set static routes on Zyxel to your networks in other vlans
3) We set a static route on Cisco via modem
4) We check the Internet on computers (you may need to tweak the NAT settings on the modem)

Konkase, 2014-04-07

It may be enough to transfer several ports to L2 on the SG300, one trunk to Zyxel, and others access. And on zyxel create vlans with the necessary networks.
Or use loopback under unnumbered.
That is, the networks will be divided on the tsiska itself, and all clients will be registered on it and wrapped in loopback, which in turn will send to Zyxel traffic

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