Vitaly Musin2019-04-13 12:15:21
Google Adsense
Vitaly Musin, 2019-04-13 12:15:21

AdSense message: "We found your ad code on other sites" - what could be the reasons?

Your ad code is being used on at least one site that is not listed in the "My Sites" list in your account. In order not to lose income, add all your resources to this list.
Then every day the list is just top sites, for example:
, etc.


What could be?

In those. Wrote support, they are silent.

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Ruslan Makarov, 2019-10-17

Your site "copy pizdili " - a template or content, maybe something else ...
And your adsense advertising code lit up on another domain, since it is in the stolen template ... It will most likely be deleted or replaced soon, or the copy will die (probably)
Don't worry...

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