Alexander Semikashev2019-06-14 19:31:31
Adobe XD
Alexander Semikashev, 2019-06-14 19:31:31

AdobeXD what license is it asking for?

I installed AdobeXD more than a month ago and today I get this error when I start it:

Your developer license has expired. To continue using the app, renew your license.

It's not clear what license he's talking about. The program is free after all.

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Mikhail Proskurin, 2019-06-14

Windows tells you that the license has expired, not Creative Cloud - isn't it strange? Considering that Adobe XD is launched through Creative Cloud, in the list of applications, a red sign should hang next to Adobe XD, indicating that the program has expired, and when you start the program, Adobe XD itself should inform you about it.
Are you sure you are running Adobe XD?

lllyx, 2019-06-15

It was the same, I decided to update XD via CC

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