Anton Guk2017-11-20 15:34:34
Anton Guk, 2017-11-20 15:34:34

Adobe XD or Sketch?

The dilemma is this:
I want to painlessly switch from Ps to a more convenient environment for working with interfaces. There are two options:
1. With an unknown result, roll up Hackintosh and work in Sketch (it used to start on a virtual machine, but now it crashes, despite the same hardware).
2. Switch to Win 10 and work in Adobe XD (most likely there should be no problems with the installation).
I liked the sketch very much, even on a virtual machine. XD is described as a very raw product, but I don't know if this is true for the latest versions. How convenient will it be to interact with the layout designer (the application is not the most common)? Or is it still worth getting confused with a hackintosh?

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Ulyan Romanov, 2017-11-20

Sketch already has a community. There are a bunch of ui kits for it. Sketch is lightweight and you can work with Sketch + Principle. But I can't say that XD is bad. Played the beta and loved it. It's just a matter of taste. Whatever interface you like, use it. If there is no Mac, then why mock yourself and make a trolleybus out of a loaf? When creating something big, with a bunch of layers, any editor will start to lay down the system. Only the virtual machine is much weaker than the installed Windows.

Ilya Dzensky, 2017-11-27

There is no dilemma - sketch or Figma. Here is what you have to choose between.
Adobe XD is cheese.

Alexander Timushkin, 2017-11-30

Use Figma! Now I do most of my projects there. I use Sketch less frequently.

Ivnika, 2017-11-21

In terms of various features, for now, for my taste, Sketch is the leader without options, plus it is developing very well, adding really useful goodies, plus a lot of large companies have switched to it. XD it is quite possible to grow up, but not soon ..

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