Vladislav Romanov2018-06-07 14:47:07
Vladislav Romanov, 2018-06-07 14:47:07

Adobe Premiere - how to fix lags?

so that it’s immediately clear what the problem is
video problems
the problem is only in the premiere, in Vegas there is another trouble (with sound, the tracks stick together, disappear or other miracles), in the after effect everything is ok (except for the basically missing sound tracks, except for the main one).
I don't think it's a bakery lag (i7 7700k + 16 ram + 1070 gtx + ssd)
ps no, the prerender doesn't help, the quality of the preview also decreases

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@nidalee, 2018-06-08

To get started, send us a file or information about it from MediaInfo or equivalent.
Then, in Premiere, turn on the dropped frames indicator and see what it shows.
Why do you have the time display format in frames and not as timecode? Did you set it up like this yourself? What did you record the video with?

george_st, 2019-12-25

I subscribe to the question. Have you solved the problem? I have the same problem - a powerful gaming station. But it lags wildly - especially when I load effects from the library of the same prime minister - and there are good preparations. And they are basically simple.
The config is the same i7 7700k + 24 ram + 1070 gtx + ssd. If this is not enough, what is required? A fierce beast on i9 in boost? Why am I paying for a license then?))

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