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Cheizer, 2018-08-24 11:54:19

Adobe Premier Pro why can't I change the size of the sequence in the project?

Friends, how to change the size of the project sequence? During the project, when creating, it is clear how, but how to change it during the project? If I press the project settings in the project settings, there the fields are INACTIVE :( with which you can change the size.
And if I create a new sequence with settings in the project and simply copy the video from another sequence, it is cropped immediately to the desired size and does not give the option to fit the visible size the area is like when adding a video to the project :(
That is, like this, if you add the video again, then the order, but this is not an option to rebuild the project again :( and copying from another project cuts the video right away, as in the previous screen.
Pamagity!!!!!! What to do How to change the size of the sequence in the current project??????

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@nidalee, 2018-08-26

What is the premier version? Looks like something very old. If it's something like CS6, then the settings can't be changed. Set at least 2015.
Try to download a file with the required resolution from YouTube, create a "new sequence from clip" sequence from it, and then insert your video there, which is cut off.
Set and Scale to Frame Size off?
Change the preview options to I-Frame Only MPEG or QuickTime.

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