ZeroEllipse2015-07-19 11:08:29
Adobe Photoshop
ZeroEllipse, 2015-07-19 11:08:29

Adobe Photoshop CS6: are there ready-made actions for image optimization?

Beginner user of Adobe Photoshop CS6.
I liked the implementation of optimizilla.com/ru , but I would like not to drown in the mass of programs.
Super-quality at the end is not required.
Thanks in advance

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Lorri, 2015-07-19

It's easy enough to create them. In addition, it is better to create an action or several for your needs and use them as needed.
Check out this article here . Points 1-4 describe in detail how to create the action you need and apply it to more than one file.

Peter Zubkov, 2015-08-09

I will add that it is more convenient to use ImageOptim (if you have a Mac).
Great article

ZeroEllipse, 2015-07-19

Thanks for the link. If I understand correctly, there is optimization by reducing the quality. Actions how they are created, too, seem to have figured it out. I don’t understand the algorithm, how in the above optimizer compression is 60% at 90% 04578c2f437146ecb468179a85eefd19.jpg

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