Oleg Vdovenko2016-07-15 00:35:58
Oleg Vdovenko, 2016-07-15 00:35:58

Adobe Photoshop bug, how to fix opening folders in a new window?

Faced the bug mentioned here , but none of the solutions from the topic helped. I've been struggling with this bug for a couple of months now. What else can be done to fix this?
Apart from reinstalling Windows of course.

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Pavel K, 2016-07-15

Check that there is nothing in the script->script event manager
Well, try to log in as a different user.

Oleg Vdovenko, 2016-07-21

in script->script event manager
there is nothing and under another user everything is fine. However, transferring everything to another user is a so-so solution.

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