monochromer2014-08-06 19:16:03
monochromer, 2014-08-06 19:16:03

Adobe Illustrator for HTML/CSS layout?

I'm interested in the topic of using Illustrator to "slice" AI layouts. I would like to watch / read some articles / videos specifically on the techniques of using Illustrator for cutting layouts.
Who will tell you what?
Thank you!

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Evgeny Petrov, 2014-08-06

Illustrator for layout is stupid. There is Fireworks with a "Pages" tab and excellent organization for exporting images (+ a "States" tab for designing or animated gifs). A great legacy from Macromedia for Adobe along with Dreamweaver and Flash.
The only use case for Illustrator for the frontend is SVG. And only SVG.

Gabs, 2014-08-06


Taras Labiak, 2014-08-13

I propose to get acquainted with SVG, it is very simple and a notepad is enough for many tasks. The bonus of this is a better understanding of the (capabilities) of vector graphics editors

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