Vadim2015-04-20 14:15:24
Vadim, 2015-04-20 14:15:24

How can you check computers for singed software?

How can you check computers to identify burned software, broken licenses, etc.?

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eternalfire, 2018-04-11

was close

Danil, 2018-04-11

Looked at the code. Everything is very bad. I can recommend this tutorial.

Cyril, 2015-04-20

The question is why do you want to do this? If you want to put things in order with licenses, then for each purchased program there must be a confirmation of purchase.

Vladimir Martyanov, 2015-04-20

Nothing, because the software with the left key differs NOTHING from the software with the purchased key.

Rsa97, 2015-04-20

If we are talking about an enterprise, then first a complete list of software is compiled on all computers, then the availability of licenses is already checked for documents. Otherwise, software with one key can be installed on several computers.

Vadim, 2015-04-20

Eh ... And I was hoping to avoid crap =) Thank you all for the answers

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