raigra2017-04-16 22:25:37
raigra, 2017-04-16 22:25:37

A free email service that integrates into a Wordpress site?

Are there worthy analogues of mailchimp, up to 5000 recipients, which would be free and well integrated into wordpress.

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lagudal, 2018-04-19

I am for the svg option - you can display it as a code or as an image. With any of these options, this background will be light, no more than 1kb. A raster image of any high resolution will be heavier, moreover, a vector is always a vector, without loss of quality.

forspamonly2, 2018-04-20

Colorize in css with three radial gradients. one of them elliptical will still have to be tilted.

Likhova, 2017-04-17

I can’t tell you by the number of subscribers, but there are free mailing plugins for WP, for example:
Try it, choose. Newsletter (second link) is closest to MailChimp in terms of functionality.

Evgeny Matveev, 2017-04-27

the most adaptive and easy to use I liked mymail
https://mailster.co/ - it seems to be deformed for the better, if you look for it there is a free one, somewhere I also
have add-ons lying around mine, including those for connecting mailchimp
/// Some are paid, some are free.
I liked www.mailpoet.com better than

Yan Alexandrov, 2017-05-10

In my opinion, even the hoster can put restrictions on sending emails. One plugin is not enough.

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