Anton2019-10-17 09:13:28
Adobe Illustrator
Anton, 2019-10-17 09:13:28

Adobe Illustrator - alignment problem, how to solve?

Hello everyone, there are two pictures, I put them exactly, but when I save them in png, you can see that they are crooked, what a glitch in illustrator, I can’t understand.
Here is the view in illustrator.
Here is a png view - you can see that there is a bevel at the bottom of the picture, I marked it in red.
And if I center both pictures in illustrator, then he does this.
Why he does this is not clear, both pictures are the same, more precisely, this is the same picture, the top is simply cut off and the bottom is made from the top.

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Anton, 2019-10-17
Websaytovsky @ws17

I solved the problem like this, deleted the bottom, copied the top over the new one, turned it over and pasted it down and everything fell smoothly.

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