Vadim Timoshenko2015-01-13 16:42:24
Vadim Timoshenko, 2015-01-13 16:42:24

Adobe and microsoft office license for a small web studio. How to proceed?

There is a young web studio. Two people are working. We work as an IP.
The question arose of buying software from Adobe (photoshop, illustrator) and Microsoft Office.
How should we proceed? Do we need to buy a "business" package or can we use "photographer" packages (from adobe) and the like?
If anyone knows the question in detail, please answer. Do not skimp on the characters) Thank you.

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Vladimir, 2015-01-13

microsoft office 365

Oleg Batalov, 2015-02-13

For Adobe, everything is simple - you buy each one under an individual license for the required period.
Regarding the office: if "advanced functions" are not needed, LibreOffice should be enough

Igor Lanko, 2015-02-15

LibreOffice, Google Docs. Adobe CC under personal license.
Don't think about the corporation. Think product.

На счет продуктов МС. Рекомендую ознакомиться с Microsoft Action Pack.

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