Oleg Gamega2018-01-05 22:35:19
Oleg Gamega, 2018-01-05 22:35:19

Admob vs Appodeal?

Actually the question is what to choose Admob for Appodeal applications?
Thanks in advance

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cmohammedmedkeveo, 2018-01-07

Appodeal about a year and a half ago was fucked up, then one did not work, then another. Step left - right - new jambs. Do you support old versions in the application? Appodeal will work again through popets. Also, Appodeal bloated the application every 5 times. I had an app of about 5mb, and with Appodeal it became under 30mb. But support is okay. I wrote to them, cursed them, but they answered and tried to help.
But, that was 1.5 years ago. Now, I don't know. I would choose Admob, since it is still Google, and not third-party. But it seems that Appodeal has a higher amount, though if the application is not super massive, the difference will not be big.

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